Internal Audits

One legal requirement is internal audits, such as Housekeeping audits, equipment inspections, contractor’s management audits and Legal Registers. A comprehensive report is delivered to the client referencing clauses, OSH Act regulations etc.

Emergency evacuation

Emergency preparedness and safety drills are overseen and conducted to prepare the employee for the unforeseeable emergency. Planning and implementing escape routes form part of this discipline.

OSHAS 1800 based framework

We promote a safe and healthy working environment by providing a OSHAS 1800 based framework that allows your organization to consistently identify and control it’s health and safety risks, reduce the potential for accidents, aid legislative compliance and improve overall performance.

Awareness training

Osherdoc Consultants conducts awareness training though informal training sessions on Safety, Health and Environmental matters in the workplace. We also provide tool talk themes, templates and train the managers to conduct these correctly.

Site visits and advise

We can visit the client once a week, once a fortnight or as per arrangement with the client. We offer the above services at a very reasonable rate, often less than what the appointment of a permanent Safety Officer would cost the company.

Site Safety Files

We offer services to our clients in compilation of safety files. We require the basic requirement of the client/contractor. The file will be legal compliant, presentable and to the above requirements.