First Aid level 1, 2, 3

We offer First Aid training to commerce and industry, the agricultural sector and schools. This training is HW SETA accredited and is a fun filled learning experience.

Occupational Risk assessments

We offer Risk Assessment Training course to manufacturing, engineering and to the small business sector. The course is over 2 days and is conducted on site of the client.

Basic firefighting course

All employees should know how to identify fire hazards. Basic firefighting course will accomplish this requirement. Over the course of one day the students are trained to identify different classes of fires and how to extinguish them efficiently.

H&S Representatives Course

Training SHE Reps for the important role as investigators, Hazard identifiers, safety inspectors in order to make the workplace a safe environment.

Emergency evacuation

Emergency evacuation training is done on site during planed drills and short training sessions. Evacuation wardens are trained to control the evacuation process and assist the evacuees professionally.

Legal liability

The senior managing staff of your company shall benefit when they attend this two day HW SETA accredited course. Their legal position with regards to legislation is spelled out and explained.

Incident investigation

Incident investigation is a two day course. The student will be taught to preserve the scene of the incident, take notes and photos, conduct interviews and to compile a report on the finding.

Energy lock-out/tag-out course

We offer this course on manager/supervisor level to workshop and maintenance managers on a one day event. This is not meant for the general worker.

Cranes training

Truck mounted cranes and pendant controlled overhead crane training are provided on site. These are accredited at TETA SETA and certificates are issued by registered training institutions.

Tractor training

Safe start-up and shut down procedures, component identification and functions of the major components form the core of this course. Practical training on hitching implements, reverse skill with a two wheel trailer, pre-use inspections and safe parking conclude this course.

Forklift training

Unit standard training on forklifts up to F3 permits is done on-site. We offer a 5 day novice course or a one day recertification course. Both diesel and electric powered forklift are covered in the training.

Competency evaluation

Our assessors can evaluate you workers to ascertain their level of competency of their skills and supply a certificate of competency if the predetermined skills level is achieved.